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Hi all,
I love playing Star Wars Miniatures!

Actually that should be 'loved' not 'love' because I haven't played in a while, and when I say 'a while' I mean eight years! That's a long time to be looking at your miniatures collection and thinking 'I really wish I could find someone to play a game with'.
I haven't played in so long because I moved to a small city (Adelaide) in Australia from a big city (Sydney) eight years ago, and I could not find anyone to play with here; no club, no groups or any other way of playing with others. And I searched a lot!

When I moved I was trading miniatures on ebay, and doing very well with it too. In Sydney I could get my customers to join local groups, especially it they were near me and could meet me at my local gaming shop where there was a tournament every Wednesday night. But in Adelaide it was a differant story, after going through my customer list I realised that I only had one customer in Adelaide!

After I couldn't find other players I then tried to start my own group, first thing I had to do was to become a Judge; it took me 3 weeks to learn all the rules and pass the tests. I was that proud of being a Judge (rules advisor) that my DCI card was my wallpaper on my computer!
I did contact my one customer in Adelaide, but he had given the game away for the same reason I had - he couldn't find a group of players either (or even another player). I kept trying to start a gaming group here but after spending so much time and money I gave up - I had one player who was prepared to travel up to 60 minutes in order to play in a tournament, but that was it. So I didn't play, and soon lost interest in the game.

Recently I was going through the garage when I found my old miniatures so I tried again to find a gaming group, still no luck; I thought surely that there would be an online version by now, and that's when I found vassal but it wasn't what I was after - so I decided to write my own.
It has taken about 600 hours of programming to get the first working version and if it's well received I will continue to improve it - and gain the proper copyrights!



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Star Wars Copyright Disney; Game design copyright Wizards of the Coast.