Star Wars miniatures play online bugs list


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If you discover a bug please Email Me.
PLEASE NOTE that feedback to say you have played a game and not found any bugs is appreciated as I then know some people are playing it!


Character abilities that don't work - and I will fix

  • No large/huge/colossal figures until they are working; except probe droids which are medium until further notice :)
  • Luke - Impulsive shot
  • C3PO - Draw fire
  • speeder bike - Accelerate + Strafe
  • R2D2 - override
  • Emperor Palpatine - Force lightning + force storm + force renewal + Commander
  • Grand Moff Tarkin - Commander
  • imperial officer - Commander
  • Mara Jade - hand_of_the_emperor + blaster barrage;
  • Royal guard - emperors_bodyguard
  • jabba - fringe_reinforcements
  • quarren assassin - mobile_attack
  • bossk - double_claw_attack
  • twilek bodyguard - bodyguard
  • Wampa - Savage

Game rule changes because of programming reasons

  • Grenades can now target empty squares.
  • Cleave has no limits/turn.
  • Force heal does ALL team mates that are adjacent.
  • Force spirit gives EACH allied force user an extra force use and 4 force points.
  • Repair affects ALL team mates that are adjacent.
  • Princess Leia commander effect is changed to effect characters who START within 6 squares.

Game rule changes that I will try to correct later.

  • Characters cannot move through allies; sometimes they cannot move diagonally (when going around a corner).
  • You CANNOT squeeze, this affects large/huge and colossal figures.
  • Sometimes a figure cannot shoot around a corner without a cover penalty.
  • Allies can combine fire if they can see each other; it doesn't matter if the ally can see the target.

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