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Welcome to Star Wars Miniatures online play!

March 2015

  • I have coded 'Star Wars Miniatures' into an online version. Why? Read the about me page
  • PLEASE NOTE - I am releasing a new version every 24-48 hours!
  • This is currently in ALPHA version (Version; which means everything works INDIVIDUALLY but I haven't play tested it enough to see if everything works together.
  • The reason I don't fully test this myself as I can only work on this for about an hour a day and I have simply don't have the time to play test it for hours :(
  • If you find a bug please notify me - BUT check the current bug list before you send it in!
  • PLease, PLEASE give me as much info as you can when sending in a bug report - 'it crashed after I shot at an opponent' doesn't help :(
  • If you complete a game please feel free to send in a screen shot of the final score with your name - then I can see if the game is too hard or easy.
    If there is enough interest I will make a leaderboard.
  • As I said, I only have an hour/day to work on this, if you send me a bug report that is already on the bugs page then it is a waste of my mine.
  • Foreign languages - If anyone wishes to help with localisation then please contact me.
  • If there is enough demand I will keep working on this.
    • Ability to create own squads for single player.
    • Multiplayer.
    • Up to 8 players on a map.
    • Tournaments.
    • More maps. Especially larger maps for games with more than 2 players.
    • More characters. (Currently there is only the first set - Rebel storm)
    • Forum board.

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Star Wars Copyright Disney; Game design copyright Wizards of the Coast.